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Procul Tasty - Soupy stamp

Procul Tasty - Soupy stamp
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The first disc from UB Hand Candy is the Tasty Procul, this is a fast, high speed under-stable, low speed stable driver in a transparent plastic with a great grip and an ergonomic feel. The manufactured dome on this disc helps contribute to the low speed stability all while feeling comfortable in the hand.

Being a graphic design based company, UB Hand Candy will be constantly revolving stock art on all of their discs. So get the Soupy stamp before it is gone forever!.

The Tasty line of plastic is extremely durable and super grippy. This will give the Procul a long life span and added control.

Flight Ratings

Disc Nation Flight Ratings for Speed, Glide, Turn, and Fade.

PDGA Specs

Max Weight:
175.1 g
21.1 cm
1.6 cm
Inside Diam.:
16.4 cm
Rim Width:
2.3 cm
Rim Depth:
1.3 cm

Good For:

Good for Backhand
Good for Sidearm

Model & Plastic

Model: Procul
Brand: UB Disc Golf

Plastic: Tasty
Plastic Grade: Premium
Plastic Wear Rating: Very Slow

Stability Estimates

Beginner Stability: 3
Intermediate Stability: 2
Expert Stability: 0

Distance Estimates

Beginner Distance: 115 feet
Intermediate Distance: 300 feet
Expert Distance: 450 feet
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Product rating

Customer Reviews

  • Author: djturtle04@gmail.com
    So being fairly new to disc golf and having the whole plastic fever you kinda go on a rampage looking to get your hands on as many discs as you can thinking that its gonna improve your game. Trust me I have done this more then once! It can be discouraging. Well I had come across the Procul and instantly went for the buy button, then quickly calmed myself down and did some research for once! Looked up reviews online looked at YouTube went and checked the flight path, most of which confirmed the Procul is "great for players with big arms". That's not me.

    But after taking with UB they were very helpful. The disc feels awesome very grippy, and the hand wrapped around the disc fits nicely I had seen on some reviews that the rim may had been something to get use to but i love it. I don't have large hands and can power grip it just fine. After throwing it for a couple hours i have to disagree with a couple things on everyone's reviews that say it takes a big arm to get a good flight. I am a 275-300 ft driver and with the procul i am easily hitting 350 every time! Being kinda new to the sport getting a disc to turn over is not easy for me but with this disc i can get a nice S turn without really manipulating my throw. When releasing the disc flat you can plan shots with ease cause the fade is very nice and dependable! Durability one of the best on market. So the overall on this disc , the disc is one of the best i have thrown and think with being a new player that i can really grow with it. And for the more experienced players you will love it from feel to durability to bring able to shape shots it will make a good home in anyone's bag.
  • Author: Patrik15w@yahoo.com
    So I recently got to meet the guys of UB disc golf and what a good experience it was. Berry helpful with describing their discs and their purpose in the disc community. I would recommend the procul to any player because it had a lot of different functions. I also have to mention that their clothing line is bar none. Berry original and connects artwork with the crave for discing..... Way to go guys! Can't wait to head down to Mississippi to chill with the guys.
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