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Apr 22, 2014
Overall these straps are solid. I've used them for 300+ days over the last 2 years including several tournaments. This would be a 5-star review, except for the defect mentioned below.

I usually just carry by bag with my left arm, which keeps my throwing arm fresh. It is still better ergonomics to use a backpack-type strap for one handed carrying, and for longer hikes or steep climbs it's nice to have use both straps in full backpack mode.

Advantages: The rain fly system is great. If you're confident that it wont rain, you can remove the rain fly to shave a few ounces off of your pack weight, but usually I just play with stowed in the dedicated pocket. It's easy to forget that it's there, until it starts raining (or snowing!). It feels great to be prepared. Umbrellas will blow away in the wind, but you're sittin pretty with this rain fly and a good rain jacket.

I really like the suspension system that is included in the straps. The elastic gives your bag enough bounce that it feels smooth on bumpy trails, but it's not so springy that things get out of control. Overall the suspension is very well thought out.

Disadvantages: The plastic piece that holds the adjustment loop is pretty low quality. After a few months it broke, and started to scratch my arm every time I put the pack on. I wound up taking it off the strap, and just tying the lower strap onto the daisy chain part of the upper pad. It's held together since then, but now it's not really that adjustable.

There is one slight disadvantage to the rain fly system: you get good access to the top of your pack, but the sides and front get covered pretty closely by the fly. If you know where everything is it's not a huge problem, but if you have to look for something it's a pain.
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Apr 15, 2014
Great chair. I love that it sit up higher than some of the other stools that I have tried

Advantages: Height, durability

Disadvantages: Price is a little high but got mine on sale
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Manny about  Crank Elite-Z - Big Z Stamp:
Apr 14, 2014
I have reached new distances since I made this my go to distance driver. The grip is amazing and I have great control and comfort to know that this disc will not get crazy flippy. Reached a basket about 600 feet and it blew my mind. Very reliable and very comfortable with great glide.

Advantages: Glide, control, the grip mainly for me and the distance it brings to the table.

Disadvantages: Can not complain about this disc, it is my new go to driver for distance and I love it, maybe some more stamps!
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Chris Smith about  DGA Elite Shield Disc Golf Bag:
Apr 11, 2014
Great layout and comfort. Unfortunately the seams are all coming apart. I have repaired them a few times but the bag is now beyond repair. under 2yrs old only casual player.

Advantages: great layout and pockets. Good looking bag

Disadvantages: Material and seams are not that strong and are coming apart everywhere.
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Apr 8, 2014
Love this disc. It has become my go to almost right off the bat. Sidearm produces a nice s shot that is very controllable, while forehand is straight and stable for me. Great Looking disc as well.
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John Macleod about  SLAIDi Premi (Devan Owens Signature):
Apr 7, 2014
This customer purchased the item at our site.
I am new to the sport but growing in knowledge and skill weekly. I have thrown tons of discs and am getting the feel for what is to be my style. Flick for long and backhand for control shots. So my review is on a beginners look.
This disc out of the 35 I own is a real Favorite.

Advantages: Plastic feels great. Lip and ridge fit into my style for both back and flip. Glides effortlessly when driven and on a flick it holds the line I release it at with just a touch of fade at the end. Once you tune your feel of the disk in it performs nicely. And this is winter disc-ing. The cold minus temps had little effect as many other discs would drop the lines they were on. Strong arm or finesse it gave me what I wanted. Used it in my first Tourney as a go too disc and finished 4 th . And amazingly on a couple errant flips this disc ground rolled to turn a horrendous shot into a great shot.

Disadvantages: Yet to find. But I am still learning to know what to look for.
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Jsayer about  Inertia Neutron:
Apr 6, 2014
Flew nice and straight on my first throw. Got 300+ with it several times. I don't have a big arm, but the glide on it is very noticeable. Threw into 10-15 mph wind and it held its line very nicely. When I threw a anny, it was able to come out of it. Very controllable for me.
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Connor about  Crank ESP:
Apr 6, 2014
Started as the best disc I had ever thrown. After wearing the disc in..flips hard. It went from being my go to disc to out of my bag in a hurry.

Advantages: Amazing at first. Long drive slight fade

Disadvantages: flips over after wearing in.
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Resol about  Buzzz Elite-Z - Big Z Stamp:
Mar 31, 2014
True flights just like a buzzz should have. Love the big stamp and "pearl" look.
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Papa Bear about  Zombee Elite-Z - Big Z Stamp:
Mar 31, 2014
This is, for me, has similar flight to a stalker w/ a tad bit more speed. It seems the BIG STAMP Z plastic is a touch more malleable. It's a very nice, slightly turning, controlled flight with a dependable fade. With the body of a midrange, it feels like i have more control in my hand.

Advantages: It can handle some torque/ snap.

Disadvantages: I only want to throw IT.
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Mar 29, 2014
The QJLS/SJLS is my favorite driver. When I first started playing, I could not find a driver that would fly strait and land strait, until I found the QJLS. It's also great for a long anhyzer when you don't want any fade at the end. The QJ/SJ is a great all-around driver, and is my go-to disc for accuracy and control when I have to have it. Especially when there are a lot of trees, it flies really straight, and if you do hit a tree hard, it can take the punishment without changing it's flight. If you throw it right, it goes as far as any disc, but not as fast, it's a glider.

Advantages: The LS stands for long strait and that aint no lie. It's the only driver you will need most of the time.

Disadvantages: None really. Unless there is a strong headwind, or if you can throw 500 feet or more.
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Mar 27, 2014
Love this decal! Looks rad on my travel trailer.

Advantages: Secure sticking power!!

Disadvantages: none yet!
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Jeremy Darling about  Antidote Cryo - 1st Run (Wings Stamp):
Mar 26, 2014
This disc has become my go to mid range. I have so much control with this disc my friends say it moves like a heat seeker missile. Lots of glide, and the Cryo plastic has a great feel. Also serves as a wonderful putter when the winds are severe. Another friend the other day said he would trade every midrange in his bag for the Antidote Cryo.

Advantages: Great in wind, very straight, lots of glide
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Jordan about  Nuke Elite-Z:
Mar 20, 2014
I love my nuke, I throw a 175g in headwinds, and my 164g in tailwinds with great response. I almost always throw it sidearm/forehand and it works great for me (I use a 1st run Crank as my RHBH bomber). If thrown correctly it has a beautiful consistent S curve. It can be hard to get used too, but once you get it figured out it will be one of your favorites. I recommend for RHBH, and if you sidearm throwers work with it and break it in good you will be very pleased. Do not be disappointed if this disc does not work out right away, it tends to be pretty over-stable out of the box, and can take a little bit to break in good (the elite-x nuke breaks in much faster). This is one of the most popular drivers out there for a reason!

Advantages: Heavy models good for headwind and power throwers
Light models good for tailwind and lighter throwers
Mid weight 170g ish, will do good as an all around if you only want one.
If it hits the ground flat and level it can skip keep going for a good distance!
It can get you around obstacles in your path if thrown on a hyzer or anhyzer and still get good distance!

Disadvantages: Not a great beginner disc, especially the heavy models. (If you have a trouble with a light nuke, try the nuke ss!)
Not a very good roller.
Heavy discs will dive into the ground with a tailwind, same with light discs in a headwind.
It can take awhile to break in good. If you want a shorter break in period, get the elite-x
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Moebigs2013 about  Sorcerer Tournament Plastic:
Mar 19, 2014
Westside/Lat64 has made another awesome disc!! The sorcerer bombs!! Thrown flat and hard, this disc goes straight forever!! It has tons of glide and a slight fade at the end. It's similar to an SDS destroyer, but in my opinion better!! It's my favorite backhand driver in my bag right now!!

Advantages: Straight flight, with a lot of glide. Great bomber!!

Disadvantages: Not a great headwind driver, but it wasn't made for that anyway so I wouldn't call it a disadvantage. Id just throw something else into a headwind
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Ben about  Cro STAR:
Mar 18, 2014
This disc is my security blanket. 90% of non put throws inside 200 feet are with this disc. Takes a beautiful, predictable low speed turn. Also stable at high speed too but I prefer larger diameter discs for that.
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Mar 18, 2014
Freaky straight flyer. I thread gaps with this disc I'd never consider with anything else I've thrown

Advantages: This disc is a Mako that holds up to bigger arms a lot better

Disadvantages: Useless in the wind. It's like throwing a balloon.
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Troy H. (Austin, TX) about  Wedge STAR:
Mar 17, 2014
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Great disc for beginners and kids with small hands. Additionally, the Star plastic is comfortable for children to hold and withstands any beating they try and give it off of the course as well.

Advantages: - lighter weights available
- small wing and lip for easy release
- good glide and control for young kids
- helps keeps flights predictable and level

Disadvantages: - none noted yet
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Troy H. (Austin, TX) about  Roadrunner STARlite:
Mar 17, 2014
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Good light disc for beginners like kids. Does everything that the normal model does for throwers.

Advantages: - light weights help younger players
- flight and glide are good for young players to gain distance

Disadvantages: - none yet noticable
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Mar 17, 2014
alot of disc for that much money just say 10 $ because it ia alot
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Summers about  Rampage Icon Edition:
Mar 17, 2014
a relativly hard disc density wise but if thrown properly it just keeps going and going.

Advantages: i have notice it tends to curve and hold its own into the wind.

Disadvantages: the hard matirial its made of dents easily
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Billy Torgerson about  Banshee Champion:
Mar 17, 2014
The Banshee is one of the most versatile and underrated discs out there. It is perfect for fairway drives from 300 to 350 feet or tight skip shots in the woods. Plus, as an added bonus this disc loves to stay low, making it great for low ceiling shots. Also, very rarely will it ever get caught up in the wind and stall out.

Advantages: Versatile
Great for low ceilings

Disadvantages: You can only fit so many in your bag
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jimmy white about  Ape - Blizzard Champion:
Mar 15, 2014
this is a very good disc if you are a pro like me at 12 years old

Advantages: some advtanges are slow gide and good with side arm

Disadvantages: there is only one disadvtanges the wind when it blows south it is really bad
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Russ about  Nuke Elite-Z:
Mar 14, 2014
I've been increasing my driving length slowly over time. I hit a plateau and couldn't get past 300ft! I tried this disc that had been sitting at the bottom of my bag because I was mad at all my other discs and I stopped using this nuke elite Z because it hooked on me really bad and just dropped in mid flight. I finally did a 360 spin instead of an x step , just to try it out again. I put enough velocity behind my drive that the throw landed right by the pin that was about 330ft away. If I wouldn't have hit that tree in the way , this disc literally would have went at least 375ft and I'm not by any means a power arm in the driving department. I was so surprised!! I made my friend give me my nuke back I gave him, but I did tell him I'd buy him a different disc!

Advantages: If you put enough spin on this disc, it will fly farther than you expect!
If you master this disc, it will be it favorite driver and you will increase your distance, guaranteed!!
RHBH good
LHBH good

Disadvantages: Not good for beginners at all!!
Sucks in the tailwind.
Will turn over if you don't put spin on it.
For intermediate and experts only.
Sidearm isn't good!!
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Charles Danner about  Fuse Recycled Line:
Mar 13, 2014
This customer purchased the item at our site.
I only carry a few different mid range molds in my bag. I carry a fuse, a roc 3, and a truth. The fuse has a low speed turn meaning that it won't hyzer out on you if you don't have a lot of power but it also holds a lot of power well. For players with bigger arms it can be a hyzer flip disc for very good distance for a mid range (I'm a fairly intermediate player and I can throw this around 310 at 170g). This is one of those point and shoot discs that everyone needs in their bags. This disc is great for turnover shots and it holds anhyzers extremely well. The fuse won't fade back left, assuming you're a RHBH player, unless you don't put anything behind your throw. I would say it is most comparable to the discraft meteor and the innova foxbat. This is one of my favorite discs on the market. I recommend getting one.

Advantages: Great for low power throwers who need something to go straight. Great glide. Good hyzer flip disc for players with good power.

Disadvantages: Not a super stable disc so don't expect it to hold a very strong hyzer line if you're throwing all out. It will flip up and go straight or flex and go right.
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