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Nov 19, 2013
Underworld is definitely the disc I will pull out if I need a consistent anhyzer line!!

If you throw it with little power it will go super straight and can also get a good hyzer flip brand new

Plastic feels grippy even when wet

Advantages: Holds a Consistent Anhyzer line


Great Plastic feel and durability so far

Disadvantages: none so far
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Chris Stadler about  Fade Gear Tournament Disc Golf Bag:
Nov 22, 2013
I got this a couple wees ago and really like it. Plenty of storage, easy to access everything, and very manageable for a large bag. Very sturdy and well constructed.

Advantages: Lots of storage. Very sturdy.

Disadvantages: None yet!
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Nov 26, 2013
The fade Gear Tournament Bag- Dude Camo is the first and only bag I bought when I first started playing 2 years ago, and this bag is still in perfect shape. I haven't had a single problem with ware or anything! Both side pockets are very nice and give you plenty of room for you keys, wallet, and still have room for towels and what ever else. The 2 drink holders are amazing as well and both of mine are still like new! If you are reading this thinking of buying this bag take it from me it is worth it for sure!!! Great Buy

Advantages: 2 pockets and drink holders
Spacious enough for 22+ discs
Doesn't ware easily

Disadvantages: NONE
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Anthony Perrelli about  Krait Champion:
Jan 15, 2014
Amazing control disc super strait with a tiny fade to the right. Slight anhyzer and this disc will hold it and just start its way back at the end of it's flight. Perfect for small S shots.

Advantages: Strait, Control Distance, Easy to master
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Andy about  Stiletto Gold Line:
Feb 11, 2014
This customer purchased the item at our site.
The Stiletto is as advertised. Definitely the most overstable disc I've thrown. The moment it loses velocity it dives hard. This thing is ferocious.

Advantages: Excellent at what it does. Dependable.

Disadvantages: Not an "every hole" disc. Probably not worth your time if you aren't an extremely hard thrower.
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Steve Paulson about  Stingray DX:
Feb 22, 2014
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Love this disc. When I first started out, all I could throw was a putter, but I threw that well. Had a friend that tried to get me to throw this one. Said it was easy to throw, with good distance. He did not lie! Once I figured out how to throw well, this one is a stable in my bag. I throw sidearm, and a flat shot goes straight 200' with a fade to the right at the end, or with a slight incline, works smoothly right to left, essing back to flat at the end. I regularly loan this one out to friends that don't know much yet, and they always do well with it. Some of them do too well with it!

Advantages: Consistent flight, workable, easy to throw for beginners

Disadvantages: Can make new friends to disc golf into formidable opponents
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Russ about  Leopard Champion:
Feb 27, 2014
RH-BH. I just bought this disc in a indigo (dark blue/dark purple) at 150 grams. My new favorite disc. I use this as my driver now because when I throw it , it goes to the right and back to the left like how i want it to go. This disk never flips over ,gains too much altitude , nor does it slow down fast. I can throw this disc about 300ft as an intermediate player. My friend threw this disc as a sidearm, right hand player and he threw a line straight as an arrow. Disc is good for any kind of throwers. Might not be good for lefties. My first throw with it I played a hole I normally miss by 50 ft short of it. When I teed off it went 30ft past the basket and I was surprised I could throw that far. Great disk and stability for beginners and intermediate level.

Advantages: Glides good with any righties.
Looks cool
Throws farther than most fairway drivers.

Disadvantages: Hard to see in the grass sometimes. (Only purple color)
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Wesley about  Buzzz Elite-Z:
Mar 12, 2014
It's dependable on those mid-ranges. I love this disc for short holes from tee pad.

Advantages: Plastic is great and doesn't ware. Awesome for backhand throwers.
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Summers about  Rampage Icon Edition:
Mar 17, 2014
a relativly hard disc density wise but if thrown properly it just keeps going and going.

Advantages: i have notice it tends to curve and hold its own into the wind.

Disadvantages: the hard matirial its made of dents easily
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Apr 15, 2014
Great chair. I love that it sit up higher than some of the other stools that I have tried

Advantages: Height, durability

Disadvantages: Price is a little high but got mine on sale
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Apr 22, 2014
Overall these straps are solid. I've used them for 300+ days over the last 2 years including several tournaments. This would be a 5-star review, except for the defect mentioned below.

I usually just carry by bag with my left arm, which keeps my throwing arm fresh. It is still better ergonomics to use a backpack-type strap for one handed carrying, and for longer hikes or steep climbs it's nice to have use both straps in full backpack mode.

Advantages: The rain fly system is great. If you're confident that it wont rain, you can remove the rain fly to shave a few ounces off of your pack weight, but usually I just play with stowed in the dedicated pocket. It's easy to forget that it's there, until it starts raining (or snowing!). It feels great to be prepared. Umbrellas will blow away in the wind, but you're sittin pretty with this rain fly and a good rain jacket.

I really like the suspension system that is included in the straps. The elastic gives your bag enough bounce that it feels smooth on bumpy trails, but it's not so springy that things get out of control. Overall the suspension is very well thought out.

Disadvantages: The plastic piece that holds the adjustment loop is pretty low quality. After a few months it broke, and started to scratch my arm every time I put the pack on. I wound up taking it off the strap, and just tying the lower strap onto the daisy chain part of the upper pad. It's held together since then, but now it's not really that adjustable.

There is one slight disadvantage to the rain fly system: you get good access to the top of your pack, but the sides and front get covered pretty closely by the fly. If you know where everything is it's not a huge problem, but if you have to look for something it's a pain.
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SRSIV about  Scythe Opto Line:
May 18, 2014
The scythe is a exactly what the name implies. A fast disc that can cut thru the air w/o hesitation. At a speed of 12 it requires a strong fast throw to achieve natural flight pattern. This disc being overstable hooks extremely hard left. That being said it is a good disc for the experienced golfer who is comfortable with releasing discs in various degrees ( extremely hyzer -flat- anhyzer). Personally I am using the scythe over other comparable overstables such as innovas boss or westsides new disc the world.

Disadvantages: As mentioned if you dont have a fast arm and good form this disc isn't for you. In my experience newer players tend to do better with slightly understable discs i'd recommend westside's hatchet
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Heinz about  Ape Champion:
Aug 13, 2014
Great disc, super stable, you can always count on it to come back. Great for distance flicks with a beautiful long S curve, great for those hard to reach drives with obstacles 100 to 150 feet in your line, easiily gets around and comes back for good placement

Advantages: nice and stable
perfect turn to fight the stability in an S curve
for experienced players, very accurate

Disadvantages: Not as easy to use back hand
not for beginners
Get a bright color, easy to lose sight of in a long curvy flight
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Sep 12, 2014
Really nice disc with a large amount of fade on the end of the drive. The fade happens on the very end of the drive, as the disc is not very flippy. The lightness of the Blizzard plastic is pretty sweet.

Advantages: Goes far and is easy to throw. It can get you places that other drivers don't because they fade too early. The Blizzard plastic feels very nice, similar to the Helium Liquid from Salient.

Disadvantages: The Destroyer doesn't quite get the distance of a Boss, but it gets around corners. The Blizzard plastic, while very nice and easier to throw, is not as durable as some of the other plastics available. Still my preference however.
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Sep 18, 2014
Solid bag with lots of room for discs and other stuff needed on the course. Appears durable and no cosmetic issues with a month+ of use.

Advantages: Large size, 3 bottom rails makes very stable, well organized pockets/storage

Disadvantages: Could be too large for most average players. No divider for main compartment.
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Damon about  Bolt Gold Line:
Sep 20, 2013
The Bolt is my longest driver by far. Great for players with medium arm speed looking for max distance. Just the right amount of stability.

Advantages: Latitude Tournament Plastic looks awesome & feels great! Super-long & you don't have to be a gorilla to throw it!

Disadvantages: None that I've found.
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Sep 21, 2013
This putter is money for high-accuracy approach shots, hyzer putts and putts in windy conditions. Just over-stable enough to provide reliability in the wind and for ace drives.

Advantages: LOVE the rubbery feel of this plastic! Sits down!

Disadvantages: I use it for all putts, but some players may want a less stable putter for anyhyzer putts or calm conditions.
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Mike Graff about  Axis Neutron:
Sep 23, 2013
I am relatively new to the game. Didn't like the disk at first but its growing on me. I played a fair amount of Ultimate before I took up Disk Golf and my local dealer suggested it.

Advantages: Durable, Rolls well, stable even when thrown hard, goes were you thrown

Disadvantages: Not much distance over my prodigy putter.
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Lyle Phaneuf about  Anode Proton (Soft):
Sep 23, 2013
Neutral flying putter, will hold whatever line you choose. Snap it flat watch it fly straight.

Advantages: GYRO technology helps the disc fly far
Good catch disc

Disadvantages: GYRO can push the disc to far...not always a bad thig
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Lyle Phaneuf about  JOKERi Premi:
Sep 23, 2013
This customer purchased the item at our site.
I needed a overstable putter for those windy putts, this works great. Throw at a hyzer and it will hit and dig into the ground for those touch shots.

Advantages: Holds up into the wind
Premi plastic is beautiful, soft and grippy

Disadvantages: It may skip if thrown too low
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Lyle Phaneuf about  Buzzz Elite-Z:
Sep 23, 2013
Everybody needs a BUZZZ.

Advantages: Its a BUZZZ

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Sep 24, 2013
Throwing it takes a little getting used to but overall unique and it looks bad ass, it feels great to have a first run on such an epic disc. Thanks DN

Advantages: Oversized, sweet stamp, flies like a kite.

Disadvantages: First run was light blue (uugh) and Salient changed the weight class, idk why and im sure there was a reason but I cant consistently use a driver that's 187 grams
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dmccain about  Lace X-Link (Medium):
Sep 25, 2013
This is the BEST disc in my bag. It is a great all around single disc. If I had to have only one disc, this would be the one.

Advantages: Straight flight and distance. Also has great grip material.

Disadvantages: Only disadvantage is I have only one of these. Will add more soon.
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Sep 28, 2013
I have two different prometheus discs the first one is this bring fire blue it is a 189 and an overstable pig. i cant get it to do anything but bomb to the ground. I hate it and its now hanging on my wall. My second disc is a factory 2nd i got off of ebay more aqua then blue its a 186 and is awesome crazy glide low fade and minimal skip it is in my bag and my go to disc for any hole over 350 now. salient has been preaching consistency from the beginning and is failing bad.

[Editor's note: Salient claims to no longer be producing the "bad" type, only the "more aqua / good" type.]

Advantages: if you get a good one its great.

Disadvantages: if you get a bad one its sh*te.
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Oct 1, 2013
Unfortunately the disc I received from Salient was a first run 188g blue overstable beast that flies like a garbage can lid. The plastic is grippy and on the floppy side for a driver. This disc just doesn't fill any gaps in my bag so it's going to eBay.

Advantages: Grippy durable plastic.

Disadvantages: Too overstable and does not fly as described by Salient.
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