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Thanks for the info and I am glad you got the site fixed. Site was great. I basically found everything I was looking for instead of hopping site to site when I looked around. Not to mention you guys are cheaper than ebay. Bags on ebay are running $40 for the same size you have listed for $30. New discs were 2x your price.
Mike Oct 31, 2006
I just wanted to let you guys know that the new site look is fresh and eye-catching. Keep up the good work and service and I'll keep on stopping in for my disc needs.
Kim Oct 31, 2006
Hey... I normally never send e-mails, but i felt compelled to send you guys one. My roomate, his cousin and I have been playing folf for almost 3 months. we have bought all but our first discs from your sight. We have orded 6 discs, and are very happy with the results. Your site is awesome and your service is #1 in our eyes. I just got my star wraith and can't wait to try it out at lake casitas this weekend! Thank you so much for everything and keep up the good work!!!
James Oct 31, 2006
Love the overhaul of the site, and the store. My last few disc purchases have been from your store and I always get great service and selection. Keep up the good work. If I had something bad to say it would be that there is too much to choose from and it makes my job a lot harder when decided from 500+ discs as opposed to around 50 (if that) at most places.
Tim Sep 30, 2006
I got my discs today--Everything is perfect !!!!!! Thanks for being so understanding--keep up the Great Work !!!!!!!!!
Keith Aug 31, 2006
I just wanted to say thank you for the quick service. I am pleased with my order and the quality and prices, I will let my friends know about your company. Thanks again.
James Jun 30, 2006
Thank you very much, and again very good service.
Carlos Feb 28, 2006
The site has a pleasing color selection (green is good) and an excellent layout... the idea of having your online inventory tied directly to your stock is very appealing to me, as it is a sign of quality... I'm really happy to see an online disc golf merchant with such a great site.
Wes Jan 31, 2006
Thank you SOOOO much. Ya'll are the best.
Mike Dec 31, 2005
Thanks, you folks are VERY customer friendly.
Kenneth Nov 30, 2005
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