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Beast - Blizzard Champion

Beast - Blizzard Champion
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Check out the Champion Beast! This is an awesome ultra-long range driver from Innova with great predictability off the tee. It is a close cousin of the Valkyrie, and is a classic among experienced and newer players alike. Its unique semi-understable qualities make it perfect for a broad range of thrower power. The Blizzard edition just makes this Beast even easier to throw far!

Blizzard Champion is a new technological development from Innova that allows high-speed drivers to be produced in extremely light weights, making the discs easier to throw for a wide range of players. Within the plastic are tiny air bubbles that bring down the overall disc weight. These lightweight Blizzard models retain all the stability of their heavier counterparts, and even the longest throwers in the world are singing their praises.

Flight Ratings

Disc Nation Flight Ratings for Speed, Glide, Turn, and Fade.

PDGA Specs

Max Weight:
176 g
21.2 cm
1.4 cm
Inside Diam.:
17.1 cm
Rim Width:
2 cm
Rim Depth:
1.1 cm

Good For:

Good for Backhand
Good for Sidearm

Model & Plastic

Model: Beast
Brand: Innova

Plastic: Champion
Plastic Grade: Premium
Plastic Wear Rating: Very Slow

Stability Estimates

Beginner Stability: 4.4
Intermediate Stability: 3.1
Expert Stability: -0.1

Distance Estimates

Beginner Distance: 135 feet
Intermediate Distance: 280 feet
Expert Distance: 476 feet

Look Attributes

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(1 reviews)  

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Albert M
Nov 17, 2013
The champion beast has been my favorite driver, but I never wanted to throw it on water hazards so I bought the blizzard plastic beast 130g. At 130g it was very flippy for me brand new.

I did not expect it to be flippy, but I learned to love it. To get some good distance out of the disc you don't have to put much power on it at all. It glides and will easily give you an S curve.

I am now using this disc for turnover shots, and anhyzer shots. If you let it out on a hyzer angle it will flip up straight and then go right, depending on how muh power you put into your throw the more power the more you can expect the disc to go right (I throw right hand back hand, side armers or lefties should expect the opposite)

My disc is 130g so I imagine the heavier the disc, the less flippy the disc will be.

If you are a beginner you will love this disc. My dad (Super Begginer) can easily get an S curve out of this disc. Plus, anything under 140g floats!

I don't really throw rollers, but this would be the disc I would throw if I'm trying to get a roller.

Remember, disc I'm reviewing is a 130g Beast! Heavier beast should be more stable in my opinion

Advantages: Very Begginer friendly at lower weights.

Anything under 140g floats on water

Easy turnover disc

Could throw it a mile with a monster tailwind

Looking to replace a beat up old Beast grab a 130g blizzard plastic beast

Disadvantages: Very understable for advanced players

Definetly not a disc to use on a headwind

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