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Dominator Blizzard Champion

Dominator Blizzard Champion
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The Dominator is said to hold the spot between Katana and Boss, making it controllable for average-powered throwers and highly tweakable for power throwers. In Blizzard plastic, these simply bomb.

Blizzard Champion is a new technological development from Innova that allows high-speed drivers to be produced in extremely light weights, making the discs easier to throw for a wide range of players. Within the plastic are tiny air bubbles that bring down the overall disc weight. These lightweight Blizzard models retain all the stability of their heavier counterparts, and even the longest throwers in the world are singing their praises. Conventional wisdom regarding Blizzard weights is to throw 20g less than your typical high-speed driver selection.

Blizzard models are produced using an all-new molding technique which infuses bubbles in the plastic. Due to this manufacturing process, Blizzard discs may appear to have molding imperfections. We inspect each and every Blizzard disc to ensure that it is a fully-functioning first-quality disc, even if it has the appearance of imperfection based on typical molding techniques.


  • Innova Blizzard Champion Plastic
  • Features micro-bubbles within plastic
  • Speed: 13
  • Glide: 5
  • High Speed Turn: -1
  • Low Speed Fade: +2
  • Flight Ratings

    Disc Nation Flight Ratings for Speed, Glide, Turn, and Fade.

    PDGA Specs

    Max Weight:
    175.1 g
    21.1 cm
    1.4 cm
    Inside Diam.:
    16.2 cm
    Rim Width:
    2.4 cm
    Rim Depth:
    1.1 cm

    Model & Plastic

    Model: Dominator
    Brand: Innova

    Plastic: Champion
    Plastic Grade: Premium
    Plastic Wear Rating: Very Slow

    Stability Estimates

    Beginner Stability: 2
    Intermediate Stability: 0.5
    Expert Stability: -1

    Distance Estimates

    Beginner Distance: 115 feet
    Intermediate Distance: 247 feet
    Expert Distance: 513 feet

    Look Attributes

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