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Leopard Champion

Leopard Champion
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The Leopard is recommended as a great beginner's ultra-long-range driver. Very useful for long, straight shots, gentle hyzers and turnover shots. After aging, it becomes a great roller.


  • Speed 6
  • Glide 5
  • High Speed Turn -2
  • Low Speed Turn +1
  • Innova's Champion Plastic
  • Flight Ratings

    Disc Nation Flight Ratings for Speed, Glide, Turn, and Fade.

    PDGA Specs

    Max Weight:
    175.1 g
    21.1 cm
    1.6 cm
    Inside Diam.:
    17.9 cm
    Rim Width:
    1.6 cm
    Rim Depth:
    1.1 cm

    Model & Plastic

    Model: Leopard
    Brand: Innova

    Plastic: Champion
    Plastic Grade: Premium
    Plastic Wear Rating: Very Slow

    This disc is beginner friendly!

    Stability Estimates

    Beginner Stability: 2.4
    Intermediate Stability: 1.4
    Expert Stability: -0.7

    Distance Estimates

    Beginner Distance: 163 feet
    Intermediate Distance: 322 feet
    Expert Distance: 397 feet
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    (1 reviews)  

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    Feb 27, 2014
    RH-BH. I just bought this disc in a indigo (dark blue/dark purple) at 150 grams. My new favorite disc. I use this as my driver now because when I throw it , it goes to the right and back to the left like how i want it to go. This disk never flips over ,gains too much altitude , nor does it slow down fast. I can throw this disc about 300ft as an intermediate player. My friend threw this disc as a sidearm, right hand player and he threw a line straight as an arrow. Disc is good for any kind of throwers. Might not be good for lefties. My first throw with it I played a hole I normally miss by 50 ft short of it. When I teed off it went 30ft past the basket and I was surprised I could throw that far. Great disk and stability for beginners and intermediate level.

    Advantages: Glides good with any righties.
    Looks cool
    Throws farther than most fairway drivers.

    Disadvantages: Hard to see in the grass sometimes. (Only purple color)
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