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The Orc STAR is the latest version of one of Innova's most popular drivers. The STAR Orc provides the same exceptional durability of the Champion Orc, with improved grip in cold and/or wet conditions.

The Orc is similar to the Valkyrie and Beast (all are based on the same mold), but provides more stability than its cousins, making it a preferred choice for forehand players and bigger arms. The Orc is designed to provide more stability than the Valk in the early, high-speed, portion of the flight, and similar stability to the Beast at the end of its flight.

Thrown flat and hard it will go straight for a long way, and can also fight a headwind well. Lighter weights tend to be less stable at high speed, which makes them more friendly for newer players and players with less power.


  • Speed 10
  • Glide 4
  • High Speed Turn -1
  • Low Speed Turn +3
  • Innova STAR Plastic
  • Flight Ratings

    Disc Nation Flight Ratings for Speed, Glide, Turn, and Fade.

    PDGA Specs

    Max Weight:
    176 g
    21.2 cm
    1.9 cm
    Inside Diam.:
    17.2 cm
    Rim Width:
    2 cm
    Rim Depth:
    1.2 cm

    Model & Plastic

    Model: Orc
    Brand: Innova

    Plastic: STAR
    Plastic Grade: Super-Premium
    Plastic Wear Rating: Slow

    Stability Estimates

    Beginner Stability: 4.4
    Intermediate Stability: 3.1
    Expert Stability: 1.8

    Distance Estimates

    Beginner Distance: 115 feet
    Intermediate Distance: 245 feet
    Expert Distance: 440 feet
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