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Roadrunner STAR

Roadrunner STAR
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You've heard about the Coyote, now meet the Road Runner! Innova's STAR Roadrunner an excellent under-stable distance driver and is ideal for your first Distance Driver. It's made to fly straighter for beginners, while more experienced players will find it useful for turnover drives and rollers. This disc just feels great in the hand. High glide and low fade will maximize distance and accuracy. The Roadrunner STAR improves on the Champion Roadrunner by increasing the grppiness of the plastic while maintaining the same tough durability of the Champion series plastic.


  • Available in weights from 160 to 175 grams
  • Speed: 9
  • Glide: 5
  • Turn: -4
  • Fade: 1
  • Overall Stability -2
  • Released in STAR Plastic in April 2007
  • Flight Ratings

    Disc Nation Flight Ratings for Speed, Glide, Turn, and Fade.

    PDGA Specs

    Max Weight:
    175.1 g
    21.1 cm
    1.4 cm
    Inside Diam.:
    17.5 cm
    Rim Width:
    1.8 cm
    Rim Depth:
    1.2 cm

    Model & Plastic

    Model: Roadrunner
    Brand: Innova

    Plastic: STAR
    Plastic Grade: Super-Premium
    Plastic Wear Rating: Slow

    Stability Estimates

    Beginner Stability: 3.9
    Intermediate Stability: 2.3
    Expert Stability: -3.1

    Distance Estimates

    Beginner Distance: 158 feet
    Intermediate Distance: 323 feet
    Expert Distance: 515 feet
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    Nov 14, 2013
    This was the first distance driver I ever purchased. It is still one of the more valuable discs I carry. At first I did not have enough snap to make this disc fly the way it should have. But it was an easy disc to learn. After some practice I started getting it to fly very straight with minimal fade but not much turn. Now it is a go to disc when I need a long turnover shot or looking to hyzer flip for distance.

    Advantages: Star plastic is strong and durable. This disc has seen 2 years worth of rounds playing at least once a week. It is one of the easier discs I have learned to throw. The rim is not too beefy as it is a speed 9 disc but that does not stop it from massive distance. The smaller rim made it easier to learn. Throw it with finesse and it will be dead straight. Crank on it and it will reward you with a beautiful long turn over shot. Makes an outstanding roller as well.

    Disadvantages: Does not like the wind. You can hyzer flip this on a windy day and it will turn and burn. That is the only drawback I have for the Roadrunner.
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