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Quasar Quantum

Quasar Quantum
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The Quasar is built for big arms who need control into the wind. This hefty beast wants to fade hard, but it'll get way down the fairway before crashing out. Best for high-powered throwers and sidearms. Many players have called this "The Better Boss" for good reason -- it's similar to the Boss, but some throwers find it far more controllable for a wider range of shots.


  • Millennium Quantum Plastic
  • Sparkle material right in the plastic!
  • Flight Ratings

    Disc Nation Flight Ratings for Speed, Glide, Turn, and Fade.

    PDGA Specs

    Max Weight:
    176 g
    21.2 cm
    1.6 cm
    Inside Diam.:
    16.2 cm
    Rim Width:
    2.5 cm
    Rim Depth:
    1.2 cm

    Model & Plastic

    Model: Quasar
    Brand: Millennium

    Plastic: Quantum
    Plastic Grade: Super-Premium
    Plastic Wear Rating: Very Slow

    Stability Estimates

    Beginner Stability: 6
    Intermediate Stability: 5.4
    Expert Stability: 2.3

    Distance Estimates

    Beginner Distance: 101 feet
    Intermediate Distance: 223 feet
    Expert Distance: 489 feet

    Look Attributes

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    Nov 16, 2013
    The better boss, indeed. This sucker will get me about 10 yards more than my boss, which can be extremely crucial on those country mile long holes, on the I line I choose to boot. I find this disc handles intense power very well and will always get me the most distance consistently on both backhand rips and forehands. Mostly for advanced players with very quick arms, unless an intermediate player needs a meat hook disc that'll fight winds. Oh yeah, and this disc combats winds extraordinarily well also.

    Advantages: High quality, beautiful maximum distance driver for those with immense power with both backhand and forehand drives. Oodles of glide as well.

    Disadvantages: Not for beginners or players with slow arm speeds, unless they need a driver to fight the wind.
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