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Earn Disc Nation Frequent Flyer Credits with Every Purchase!*

Registered Disc Nation Customers will earn one (1) credit for each dollar spent on merchandise (shipping & taxes excluded). User accounts can be created by clicking here or registering as a new user at checkout. You MUST be logged in during checkout to receive credits. Existing user accounts are Frequent Flyer-enabled, and there's no need to re-register. Please note: orders placed as a Guest user are not eligible to receive credits at any time.

When you are ready to redeem your Credits, click here to convert your Frequent Flyer balance to a gift certificate. Frequent Flyer credits are converted to gift certificate dollars at a rate of 20 credits to $1. So, 100 credits is equal to a $5.00 gift certificate.

Important Notes:
  • The Frequent Flyer program began on 8/30/2012. Orders placed before this date are not eligible for the Frequent Flyer program and cannot be credited.

  • Frequent Flyer Credits cannot be entered directly at checkout - They must be converted to a gift certificate, then the gift certificate can be entered by you at checkout to reduce the order total.

  • Frequent Flyer Credits are only earned for online purchases. In-store purchases are exempt from the Frequent Flyer program and do NOT earn credits. Gift certificates earned by cashing in Frequent Flyer Credits may be spent online or in-store.

  • Frequent Flyer Credits ARE NOT earned on orders (or their applicable portion) using Gift Certificates as payment. When orders are paid partially with a Gift Certificate, the amount paid by Certificate is not eligible for Credits - however any non-Certificate payment amount will earn Credits. For example, an order with $20 paid via Gift Certificate + $13 paid via credit card would receive Credits based on the $13 payment.

Quick Overview
  • Users must Log In to earn credits

  • 1 Credit earned per $1 merchandise total

  • Accumulate credits on every purchase under your username

  • Turn earned Credits into Gift Certificates here

  • 1 Credit = $0.05
    100 Credits = $5

  • Enter Gift Certificate during Checkout

  • Use Coupons and Discounts as usual!

  • Get Rewarded for being a loyal Disc Nation customer!

  • Online Only - Points not Earned or Redeemed in-store

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