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Albert M about  Beast - Blizzard Champion:
Nov 17, 2013
The champion beast has been my favorite driver, but I never wanted to throw it on water hazards so I bought the blizzard plastic beast 130g. At 130g it was very flippy for me brand new.

I did not expect it to be flippy, but I learned to love it. To get some good distance out of the disc you don't have to put much power on it at all. It glides and will easily give you an S curve.

I am now using this disc for turnover shots, and anhyzer shots. If you let it out on a hyzer angle it will flip up straight and then go right, depending on how muh power you put into your throw the more power the more you can expect the disc to go right (I throw right hand back hand, side armers or lefties should expect the opposite)

My disc is 130g so I imagine the heavier the disc, the less flippy the disc will be.

If you are a beginner you will love this disc. My dad (Super Begginer) can easily get an S curve out of this disc. Plus, anything under 140g floats!

I don't really throw rollers, but this would be the disc I would throw if I'm trying to get a roller.

Remember, disc I'm reviewing is a 130g Beast! Heavier beast should be more stable in my opinion

Advantages: Very Begginer friendly at lower weights.

Anything under 140g floats on water

Easy turnover disc

Could throw it a mile with a monster tailwind

Looking to replace a beat up old Beast grab a 130g blizzard plastic beast

Disadvantages: Very understable for advanced players

Definetly not a disc to use on a headwind

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kent fothergill about  Fade Gear Crunch Box Disc Golf Bag:
Oct 20, 2013
This is a great bag! I have been using mine for a few months now of almost daily play and it shows very little wear. In addition to discs' it has room for an extra layer, water, flashlight, and the like. It also stays put when I am riding my bicycle to the local course.

Advantages: solid construction
Holds discs well
Impresses the ladies

Disadvantages: Shoulder strap is not comfortable when packing heavy loads - leave the extra beverages in the cooler.
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Sep 25, 2013
Had this bag for 1 year, so far, and it's still as good as new. No stitching or zipper trouble. This has been a great bag thus far and I hope to put a lot more miles on it.

Advantages: Durable - Built like a tank.
Hard Side Case for Phone, wallet, etc...
Strap compatibility = great.
Retractable Hook for towel (or anything else that you can hook on a clip) is another pretty awesome feature.

Disadvantages: Little bit pricey, but strongly reflected in quality.

Dividers were hidden in the bottom of the bag and are removable. (Velcro) Don't work as well as intended, but you can always take them out.
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matt behling about  Missilen Opto Hex Line:
Sep 26, 2014
This customer purchased the item at our site.
This is one of the worst disk I have ever bought. I wish i could get my money back. Un less you have a 90 turn 5 feet in front of u stay away!!!

Disadvantages: very low distance Instant turn off your hand I do throw backhand very hard and it is horrible
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Steve Robinson about  UB Disc Golf Hoodie - Snow:
Nov 16, 2013
Great hoodie! UB Disc Golf came through again with the design for this shirt. The snowy mountain with a basket on top is accented by a subtle "UB" that floats in the sky. Super soft fleece-like interior and a soft, flexible outside makes it comfortable, warm, and easy to throw in! I bought this before it was part of the Fore! Days sale promo and it is well worth the full retail value.

Advantages: Soft, warm, and flexible.
Easy to throw while wearing.
Awesome design and color scheme.

Disadvantages: People who don't know what disc golf is or who don't read the part where it says "Premium Golf Discs & Apparel" may assume it's a skiing hoodie.
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Wesley Arneson about  Destroyer Pro:
Mar 11, 2014
What can I say? This was my first ACE disc!

Advantages: Get great distance with a flick or backhand. Easy to throw and a very well reliably disc.

Disadvantages: Nothing really bad but the ware is just like any pro disc....
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Wesley Arneson about  Flow Gold Line:
Mar 12, 2014
This disc has such amazing grip and the plastic has that beautiful gloss when in the sun. I've thrown it for the first time today and got within feet of the basket during my round. I'll be purchasing more discs by L64 as this was my first one and loved it!

Advantages: Amazing grip!
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Wesley about  Buzzz Elite-Z:
Mar 12, 2014
It's dependable on those mid-ranges. I love this disc for short holes from tee pad.

Advantages: Plastic is great and doesn't ware. Awesome for backhand throwers.
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May 27, 2014
Really nice practice target. I would and will buy this target again.

Advantages: Sets up super-fast. directions say 5min. I guess if you added time for looking for a screwdriver you could take five minutes to set it up.

Disadvantages: Looking for a screwdriver, I replaced screws with thumbscrews. needs an inner set of chains.
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Sep 25, 2013
Worst disc I have ever thrown. Looks great. Very Large & heavy 190g, but flies nothing like inbound chart advocates. This is a mid range driver that takes a massive dive bomb. I let several other golfers try this and no one had very good results. Worst disc in my bag. So sorry that I purchased this disc.

Advantages: None. Makes a fair putter in high wind because of its weight.

Disadvantages: Too many to list. I am very disappointed in this disc. Has no distance & takes massive dive bomb.
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Damon (Disc Nation Co-Founder) about  Prometheus Liquid (1st Run):
Oct 9, 2013
Ok, so I was very interested to try this disc after reading all the "love it" or "hate it" reviews.

I took both a 173g 1st Run Double Helix Stamp and a 188g of the same to the course this weekend. The 173 is definitely staying in my bag, at least until a 160's Prometheus comes to market. The 188g is, in fact, the very overstable monster that others have reported. Salient says that the 188 flies as it should, but that most players should not be throwing a disc that heavy. After throwing both, I agree. Here's the poop on both...

The 173 is different than any other driver I've ever thrown. It's as big as a Condor/Jaguar/Zephyr, but way faster and weighted differently. Right out of my hand, I noticed something different. The disc stood up flat pretty quickly (kind of self-righting?) and caught a lot of air under it. It had a very substantial inertia to it's flight and a long glide. It also held its own against trees, better than most discs. Despite being about 5-8 grams than drivers I normally throw, I might have thrown my longest drive in years, cruising 40' past the basket on an ace-run line.

Now the 188g, that disc was a different story. This disc required a lot more muscle for me to get any reasonable distance, and I never came anywhere close to the distance of the 173g. In fact, on a much shorter par 3 that required a sharp hyzer, I threw it hard and came up 25' short of the basket. According to Prometheus, this disc is designed for mainstream flight for a very hard thrower. I'm not a Gorilla and it was very over-stable, flying 175-225', then taking a hard left down on each throw (I'm RHBH). That said, it could be useful for hard right turns or spike hyzers.

Advantages: Way different than any other driver out there. The lighter weights provided great flight. Might be my longest disc.

Disadvantages: Superclass (large diameter) may not be right for everyone. Heavy weights require a LOT of muscle and turn hard.
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Nov 5, 2013
The Bandit is one of my favorite speed 9 drivers. It flies like a seasoned Innova Valkyrie and the shape fits comfortably in the hand. I can pop it on a hyzer and trust it to flip forward. It is the perfect out of the box driver for shaping any line -- 3 months of seasoning not required with the Bandit.

Advantages: This disc offers great control for technical disc golf lines. It is best used on a wooded course or as a tailwind bomber. It can also rolls for days because of the rounded nose

Disadvantages: A little less stable than I originally expected, and definitely not headwind friendly.
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Jun 8, 2015
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Simply a great "natural" feeling disc that releases easily from your hands in all weather conditions.

Advantages: The buffed and rounded edges of the disc fit comfortably in your hands and do not feel "artificial."

You get a more "natural" feeling on release when you putt. There is no grip delay or hesitation like it is tacky when you putt in hot/cold/wet weather.

It has a great concave center that cannot be replicated by the other plastic models in the Yeti line. It's deep concave allows a natural resting point for my grip over the flight plate and under the flight plate allows me a comfortable reference point for my grip.

It holds the flight and stability that you provide it; whether flat or angled. It glides stable and "sits" when it hits (not a lot of bounce, skip, or roll)

Disadvantages: No true disadvantages for performance or durability noted yet; thrown it over 100 times so far.
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bill graham about  D6 400-G Series:
Jun 16, 2017
Go to understable disc, I can roll it 600 feet!

Advantages: It has excellent understable glide, flips easily, broad rim for big arms.

Disadvantages: It's flippy if you can't control it.
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Darrin about  Diamond Opto Line:
Oct 30, 2013
I stumbled across this disc after not having any luck at good distance. I bought an Opto line Diamond and hit the coarse, the first throw was a beautiful S-curve pushing 300+ feet, my best throw ever! , This disc made me fall in love with disc golf. Ive since found a few longer throwing discs' , but the diamond has earned a permanent spot in my bag. If you are new to disc golf , you will love this disc!

Advantages: Awesome Opto line plastic(my favorite)
easy to throw
very forgiving disc
causes an addiction to playing discgolf

Disadvantages: causes an addiction to playing discgolf
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Mitchell about  Destroyer - Blizzard Champion:
Oct 29, 2013
I personally like this driver more than the rest of my discs. Flies on the line you put it on with a slight fade as it comes down.

Advantages: Straight Flyer, Consistent, Easy to throw, Lots of distance

Disadvantages: none
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Nov 10, 2013
This bag is okay except for a few problems.
1) The cushion on the strap is too slick. It falls off my shoulder all the time.
2) The Velcro on the pocket is small and doesn't overlap each other when the pocket is full.
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Keith about  Tern Champion:
Nov 13, 2013
I love this disc. I have never had a disc glide like this one. The turn and the fade balance each other out and you end up with a VERY consistent line. It is my "Go To" driver.

Advantages: Glides forever. Feels good in the hand. Durable.

Disadvantages: Glides forever. Be sure to have plenty of room when you let it go, or you will be playing from the trees behind the basket.
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Nov 14, 2013
This customer purchased the item at our site.
For the price, you can hardly do better than this bag. That being said, I gave mine to my cousin, for a number of reasons. First, she is awesome, and needed a bag to carry her three discs. Secondly, I developed a disc buying addiction and quickly outgrew this bag. You can get 10 discs in this thing easily, and add a putter in the outside pocket, but that isn't sufficient for someone with a problem. Thirdly, "Sage Green" is really like pastel green. Not manly at all, but perfect for your female cousin. My only complaint about this bag is that it doesn't want to stand up when you put it on the ground. It wants to fall over on its face, especially if you have a putter in the pocket. I found that annoying.

Advantages: Cheap, great value.

Disadvantages: Falls over. Sage green is not for men who want to feel manly.
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Pearse about  Teebird-L Champion:
Nov 16, 2013
Now here's a superior fairway driver. I've been lucky enough to try various fairway drivers from various companies, but, along with my teebird, I always find my way back to the tl. There isn't a wooded fairway tight enough that a tl can't handle. It'll handle any line you put in on, especially dead strait lazerbeams. Plus, since it's a thin rimmed driver, new players can easily learn/lock in with this disc and use it as a first real driver.

Advantages: The disc can handle any line and can be used both by the top pro's and any newcomer effectively. Very user friendly.

Disadvantages: The only one I can conjure is it's line holding ability. It sticks to the line you put it on, so this disc lets you know if your doing something wrong with your throw.
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michael malmberg about  Boss STAR - Bottom Stamp:
Nov 17, 2013
This is one disc I will never leave the house without. This disc has turned into my go to distance driver for sidearm throws and hole going from left to right.

This disc isnt bothered by wind to much and will fade out of nicely at the end of its flight (very minimal glide).

Advantages: minimally effected by the wind, can be thrown forehand and backhand, will dependably fade out right if thrown forehand (RH) and will fade out left if thrown backhand (RH).

Very durable plastic, nice grip when dry and wet. The bottom stamp just looks cool too.

Disadvantages: A very high speed driver so its requires an above average arm. If not thrown with enough arm speed the fade can be extreme.
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Dec 6, 2013
Have had this bag for a year. It does everything a player needs. Plenty of room for discs and and extras. Two 32 oz water bottle pockets really help with rounds here in the Southwest.

Advantages: Nice size compatible with Backpack straps to lighten the load.
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Brady about  Escape Fuzion:
Feb 27, 2014
Coped this piece when I went in looking for a new Teebird. I will forever love the birds but the Escape has become my go-to fairway driver. Thing snaps with minimal effort and has an amazing amount of glide. It gives you the little flip and hold you want out of a fairway driver. It allows you to throw on a slight hyzer for predictable straight shots. It has a good fade out of the box that will die down a little after aging. This thing is great for Teebird lovers that are sick of having 4 in your bag. An old Escape and a new Escape may be all you need for fairway drives. Happy throwing motherchuckers.

Advantages: Beats a Teebird (which I love). Great glide. As Predictable as Jeopardy at 4:30pm. Good snap with minimal effort (no sketchy x steps in the woods).

Disadvantages: Doesn't come in plaid.
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Billy Torgerson about  Banshee Champion:
Mar 17, 2014
The Banshee is one of the most versatile and underrated discs out there. It is perfect for fairway drives from 300 to 350 feet or tight skip shots in the woods. Plus, as an added bonus this disc loves to stay low, making it great for low ceiling shots. Also, very rarely will it ever get caught up in the wind and stall out.

Advantages: Versatile
Great for low ceilings

Disadvantages: You can only fit so many in your bag
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Jsayer about  Inertia Neutron:
Apr 6, 2014
Flew nice and straight on my first throw. Got 300+ with it several times. I don't have a big arm, but the glide on it is very noticeable. Threw into 10-15 mph wind and it held its line very nicely. When I threw a anny, it was able to come out of it. Very controllable for me.
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