Prometheus Liquid (1st Run) - Bring Fire stamp

Prometheus Liquid (1st Run) - Bring Fire stamp
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Tripp Hastings
Sep 24, 2013
Just opened mine up today looks amazing. It is definitely has a larger feel to it than regular drivers but we will see how it throws!

Advantages: great plastic feel
great look

Disadvantages: 188 g
larger feel possibly
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Cody McClure
Sep 24, 2013
Throwing it takes a little getting used to but overall unique and it looks bad ass, it feels great to have a first run on such an epic disc. Thanks DN

Advantages: Oversized, sweet stamp, flies like a kite.

Disadvantages: First run was light blue (uugh) and Salient changed the weight class, idk why and im sure there was a reason but I cant consistently use a driver that's 187 grams
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Oct 2, 2013
After reading other comments, I see that the 189 gr disc is the bad one. Flies very unstable & dive bombs to the ground. Salient should make a recall on this disc as it is cr*p.

Advantages: None worst disc you can buy

Disadvantages: You will be leaving it at home. Do not buy the 189 gr disc. Do not know about any of the others!
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Oct 3, 2013
Looks good and that's about it. More than useless. Way to heavy. Only use it will serve is eye candy on my wall... Do not buy.

Advantages: Looks

Disadvantages: Everything else
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Aaron Cox
Oct 8, 2013
First of all- thanks to DiscNation for holding back on the deliveries after the initial reports of poor quality pre-releases. I was disappointed at the delay but after reading the other reviews I'm glad I had to wait.
I was surprised and skeptical at the large diameter- It's at least 1" larger diameter than my Nuke or Boss! I DO love the awesome double "Bring Fire" stamp. I purchased a 175g (#200 of 250) and just began throwing it this weekend. I didn't know what to expect but the disc held it's lines into headwinds and crosswinds at 12-15MPH, and even did well with a tailwind too. I primarily throw RHFH with an average of 330-360' but the Prometheus Liquid added 50' or more to a few of my drives, and I was only throwing about 75%. I'm looking forward to playing a course with some wide open spaces to see what it can really do.

Advantages: It seems to withstand torque and off-axis releases well, and the glide is unbelievable- presumably due to the larger size. The flexible flight plate really "snaps" out of my fingers without feeling too floppy.

Disadvantages: Large diameter and rim may take some grip adjustment.
I am definitely storing mine between a couple of pieces of cardboard to insure it maintains it's shape since it is so much larger than the others in my bag.
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