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Nuke Elite-Z

Nuke Elite-Z
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Mar 14, 2014
I've been increasing my driving length slowly over time. I hit a plateau and couldn't get past 300ft! I tried this disc that had been sitting at the bottom of my bag because I was mad at all my other discs and I stopped using this nuke elite Z because it hooked on me really bad and just dropped in mid flight. I finally did a 360 spin instead of an x step , just to try it out again. I put enough velocity behind my drive that the throw landed right by the pin that was about 330ft away. If I wouldn't have hit that tree in the way , this disc literally would have went at least 375ft and I'm not by any means a power arm in the driving department. I was so surprised!! I made my friend give me my nuke back I gave him, but I did tell him I'd buy him a different disc!

Advantages: If you put enough spin on this disc, it will fly farther than you expect!
If you master this disc, it will be it favorite driver and you will increase your distance, guaranteed!!
RHBH good
LHBH good

Disadvantages: Not good for beginners at all!!
Sucks in the tailwind.
Will turn over if you don't put spin on it.
For intermediate and experts only.
Sidearm isn't good!!
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Mar 20, 2014
I love my nuke, I throw a 175g in headwinds, and my 164g in tailwinds with great response. I almost always throw it sidearm/forehand and it works great for me (I use a 1st run Crank as my RHBH bomber). If thrown correctly it has a beautiful consistent S curve. It can be hard to get used too, but once you get it figured out it will be one of your favorites. I recommend for RHBH, and if you sidearm throwers work with it and break it in good you will be very pleased. Do not be disappointed if this disc does not work out right away, it tends to be pretty over-stable out of the box, and can take a little bit to break in good (the elite-x nuke breaks in much faster). This is one of the most popular drivers out there for a reason!

Advantages: Heavy models good for headwind and power throwers
Light models good for tailwind and lighter throwers
Mid weight 170g ish, will do good as an all around if you only want one.
If it hits the ground flat and level it can skip keep going for a good distance!
It can get you around obstacles in your path if thrown on a hyzer or anhyzer and still get good distance!

Disadvantages: Not a great beginner disc, especially the heavy models. (If you have a trouble with a light nuke, try the nuke ss!)
Not a very good roller.
Heavy discs will dive into the ground with a tailwind, same with light discs in a headwind.
It can take awhile to break in good. If you want a shorter break in period, get the elite-x
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