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martin about  Arrow Putter:
Sep 4, 2014
It's the best disc in my bag. I've thrown it for years and it consistantly performs and throws straight. I get a lot of looks and am often asked, "What are you throwing, I never seen a disc like that?" I'm surprised it's not more popular.

Advantages: Straight and reliable
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Fissiksman about  Lace X-Link (Medium):
Nov 24, 2017
Love this disc. Great grip, keeps its shape forever so you get a consistent flight.

Advantages: Great glide. Great grip. I throw mostly sidearm, where grip is really crucial. Once you throw rubber, you'll hate slick plastics... With power, holds an anny line well, but always fades back at the end. I carry two of these with different weights. The heavier one for when I need the stronger fade or into a good wind, and the lighter one for wider shots where I want max distance. Very consistent results for months; doesn't change over time like many discs do.

Disadvantages: I miss the old colors Vibram used to make where each disc was a work of art, but beyond that... This disc is hard to beat.
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willie messer about  Innova Disc Golf Starter Bag:
Aug 19, 2017
great bag for beginners!

Advantages: has strap,has drink holder,has front pocket,and much more!

Disadvantages: none
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Zachary about  Anode Neutron:
Sep 20, 2013
The Anode has a comfortable shape to it, you can't feel any bead, just the classic putter shape. The plastic is grippy and softens up a little in the Texas heat. They fly nice and straight for putts and longer approaches, they can really take some juice. And like all MVP discs if you really put the snap on it, it pushes forward really well.

Advantages: Good grip, very durable, and flies nice and neutral.

Disadvantages: Addictive plastic!
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Taylor K about  Volt Neutron:
Sep 25, 2013
This is my go to control driver! With MVP's gyro technology, I am able to get my 174g volt out to 350ft consistently. When thrown flat it will turn right just a tad and then fade back. Over all it is a very straight flying disc.

Advantages: Flies straight. Extra glide from Gyro technology.

Disadvantages: None!!
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Gus about  Arrow Putter:
Sep 29, 2013
I love this disc. It's easy to grip, easy to throw, from both sides, it goes straight, it lands flat and doesn't roll, I have three other putters but I never use them any longer. I also can drive short holes with this disc. If you're having a bad day throwing, you can throw this a few times and get your groove and feel back. Solid.

Advantages: Its heft, grip, and strong flight characteristics. It won't be pushed around on a windy day.

Disadvantages: None
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Pat Taylor about  Teebird STAR:
Oct 4, 2013
The T-bird is a great, predictable flying disc. Its great for shots where you have to keep it on a straight path but still need distance and at the end of it's flight, again, a very predictable slight fade. When I need a shot to go a exact distance and spot i grab the T-Bird.

Advantages: Straight. Good vs headwind.

Disadvantages: It says it has great glide but not as much as others with the same rating...
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john forrester about  River Opto Line:
Oct 14, 2013
My Opto River is the most natural feeling disc I have. It is very easy to control and has a very straight finish. It also has great glide so you can get a little more distance out of it than the profile leads you to believe.

Advantages: Great glide and extremely predictable

Disadvantages: none that I can find
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ben rutkowski about  Rampage Icon Edition:
Oct 27, 2013
Amazing disc! Not as overstable as the hype suggests, but I think from run to run there are some differences. I carry a pinnacle version as well as the icon rampage in my bag and they are kicking everything else out! Hyzer flips, big sweeping hyzer bombs, plus they get really far away really fast! Crazy distance, control, and speed. Love the rampage!

Advantages: Speed, durability, accuracy, dependability.

Disadvantages: Big rim, harder for the circus folk to grip. once you get the feel though it's not too shabby. not the best head wind disc either. it will flip and not pull out if you juice it into the wind.
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Rod Smith about  TeeBird-Plus Champion:
Oct 30, 2013
The go to in tight conditions where you need to know the line. It is also long for it's rating.

Advantages: Predictable, straight and can be thrown at many speeds with similar results.
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Joe Casiglia about  TeeRex STAR:
Nov 6, 2013
This is one of the most underrated discs of all time. I love this disc for hyzers shot that will never turn over

Advantages: amazing hyzer disc

Disadvantages: a one purpose disc for a specific range not very flexible
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Stephanie Benton about  Mamba STARlite:
Nov 13, 2013
I was not getting much distance on my drives when throwing a sidewinder, when someone suggested the mamba for me in a low weight. I needed the speed, and this just flies for me. This was a game-changer for me!

Advantages: Light, reliable in performance.

Disadvantages: I didn't get one sooner!
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Jaymes about  Aviar DX:
Nov 13, 2013
this is easily one of the best putt and approach discs out there. When thrown at a fairly high speed, it holds a very tight, strait line with a little low-speed fade at the very end. Great for players of any skill level.

Advantages: Very easy to learn. The DX plastic on these discs seem to be softer than other DX discs which makes it easy to grip and really helps grab the chains.

Disadvantages: From my personal experience, (others may vary) I find that a lighter weight tends to fly just the way I like (slow, so it doesn't fly past the basket on approaches) but the the weight greatly affects how the disc flies. I recommend lighter for approaches and heavier for putts
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Jason K. about  Fugitive Lucid:
Nov 13, 2013
I have 2 Lucid Fugitives in my bag. One is 171g and the other is 179g. The lighter one has a slight bit more turn and the heavier one has just a touch more fade but both are great discs when you need to thread it through the trees on a tight line to the basket.

Advantages: Pro: Consistent flight from throw to throw.

Disadvantages: Con: Haven't found any.
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mark about  RESPECTi Basic:
Dec 2, 2013
I know it is the basic plastic i bought, but it wore down too fast in my opinion. A few trees and it was totally bent out of shape and I coudn't do a whole lot with it. Maybe Premi plastic is a lot better.

Advantages: price, flies well initially

Disadvantages: beats up really fast for Basic plastic.
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Jan 15, 2014
The Gauge is the next great disc to come from Legacy Discs. It has become a do-it-all midrange that I feel confident with on any line. I purchased a 178g White Icon Gauge

Advantages: I use the Gauge mainly on midrange drives and approaches that need to finish flat and straight. The overall balance to the shape of this disc helps it lock in and carry forward on its line. If I can dream up a line, this disc can hit it. Good bye Buzzz....

Disadvantages: It was more end flight stability than I expected, but once you adjust for that the disc will find a place in your bag.
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Anthony Perrelli about  Krait Champion:
Jan 15, 2014
Amazing control disc super strait with a tiny fade to the right. Slight anhyzer and this disc will hold it and just start its way back at the end of it's flight. Perfect for small S shots.

Advantages: Strait, Control Distance, Easy to master
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Mike G about  Zone ESP:
Apr 30, 2014
After seeing many guys in my local club throwing this disc and raving about how great it was, I finally decided to try one out. I got an ESP Zone 174g. The top was very flat and the rim grips nicely in hand. I don't usually care for driving a putter because they don't release cleanly for me using a power grip, but the Zone comes out of my hand nicely, just like a mid. The flight of the Zone is very stable to overstable. You can throw it hard and it will not flip over. It has a lot of fade at the end of the flight for a putter type disc, which is nice for placing an upshot. It works well for touch flicks too, not sure about power forehands though, haven't tried one with this disc. I have also used this in place of my normal stable putter when putting into a strong headwind. The Zone went straight at the basket and didn't lift up. I'm hoping this disc holds its stability for a long time in the ESP plastic as I can see myself going to this disc a lot. I like it enough to buy multiples!

Advantages: Stable, predictable, accurate, easy to learn

Disadvantages: This disc won't go far. I throw about 350' RHBH with a driver and this disc will only go about 250'ish for me. but this disc isn't meant for big distance so i wouldn't call it a disadvantage overall.
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SRSIV about  Scythe Opto Line:
May 18, 2014
The scythe is a exactly what the name implies. A fast disc that can cut thru the air w/o hesitation. At a speed of 12 it requires a strong fast throw to achieve natural flight pattern. This disc being overstable hooks extremely hard left. That being said it is a good disc for the experienced golfer who is comfortable with releasing discs in various degrees ( extremely hyzer -flat- anhyzer). Personally I am using the scythe over other comparable overstables such as innovas boss or westsides new disc the world.

Disadvantages: As mentioned if you dont have a fast arm and good form this disc isn't for you. In my experience newer players tend to do better with slightly understable discs i'd recommend westside's hatchet
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Matt Johnson about  Pain Gold line:
May 29, 2014
This customer purchased the item at our site.
This disc has changed my ways. I used to be an Inova guy, but now i have a new favorite mid range disc. PAAAAAIN!

Advantages: goes where you want it

Disadvantages: make sure it's dry when you throw it, gets slippery when wet
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Bob Klosterman about  Bolt Gold Line:
Sep 11, 2014
I am 56 year old 910 rated player. I am not a bomber and never will be and probably have no business throwing a 13 speed, but somehow it works for me. I can get it to turn over a little and it flies very consistent. I have 3 now as I always would like to have 1 properly conditioned.

Advantages: Breaks in relatively slow. Very consistent flight.

Disadvantages: Can be a little flippy into a headwind.
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Padre about  Warden Scent Blend (Apple):
Oct 8, 2014
The Warden is a great putter. I would get it in apple scent, but I'm heterosexual.
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Oct 8, 2014
This is my favorite disc. I've been playing for a few years now and I have had some awesome throws with this one. The glide is more than expected. Thrown correctly this disc will just keep going, even over thrown some holes. Not much of a curve at the end, which helps with a lot of courses and the trees.

Advantages: Glide is great! When you need distance, this is my go to disc
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Joshua about  JLS Sirius (SJLS):
Oct 14, 2014
The SJLS is one of the most (if not THE most) reliable discs I have ever thrown. PERFECT for beginners and has been a staple in my bag for a long time.
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Chris Lee about  Crank Elite-Z - Big Z Stamp:
Mar 2, 2015
Even as a moderately new player, i was able to drive this crank for 2 birdies the first day i used it! This is a great stable backhand driver.
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