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Nov 10, 2013
This bag is okay except for a few problems.
1) The cushion on the strap is too slick. It falls off my shoulder all the time.
2) The Velcro on the pocket is small and doesn't overlap each other when the pocket is full.
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Keith about  Tern Champion:
Nov 13, 2013
I love this disc. I have never had a disc glide like this one. The turn and the fade balance each other out and you end up with a VERY consistent line. It is my "Go To" driver.

Advantages: Glides forever. Feels good in the hand. Durable.

Disadvantages: Glides forever. Be sure to have plenty of room when you let it go, or you will be playing from the trees behind the basket.
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Stephanie Benton about  Mamba STARlite:
Nov 13, 2013
I was not getting much distance on my drives when throwing a sidewinder, when someone suggested the mamba for me in a low weight. I needed the speed, and this just flies for me. This was a game-changer for me!

Advantages: Light, reliable in performance.

Disadvantages: I didn't get one sooner!
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Richmond about  Roc Pro:
Nov 13, 2013
This is my favorite mid-range model ever, hands down. It is useful in all of it's seasons of wear. Starts out very stable with a reliable fade. But it gets even better with age. Once you have had it in your bag a while it will start to to become staighter flying and staighter finishing, eventually turning into a great turnover midrange with a very controllable and familiar flight

Advantages: Reliable flight
Consistent rate of wear
Ages well
Plastic feel

Disadvantages: The only disadvantage is trying to replace that old favorite roc if you happen to lose it!
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Rick Saffeels about  Wraith Echo:
Nov 14, 2013
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I have been playing disc golf for 13 years, and this is the one disc that is a must have in my bag. The wraith is great for multiple shots: my backhand driver, forehand driver, and consistent 'thumber.' This disc has given me more birdies on more courses than any other disc I own!

Advantages: Grip and material are virtually perfect in the Echo mold, and it is great in every weather condition.
Mold is medium and holds the flight pattern for extended time.
Under-stable meant for tail winds and slight head winds for a wind down back hand throw.

Disadvantages: Can flip with too much snap in a head wind.
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Nov 14, 2013
The Vulcan Blizzard Champion is my longest drive by far. I have a 145g that will fly forever. I throw RHBH and do not have the strongest arm. Thrown on a slight hyzer, this disc will flip up almost immediately and glide to the right before gently fading out back to center. It will also hold an anhyzer line and fade off to the right given the proper release. It is my go-to driver for long, straight shots or right turns.

Advantages: Distance.

Disadvantages: You have to be careful throwing this thing into a headwind. It is very understable and can be carried far off target.
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Andy about  Mamba STARlite:
Nov 14, 2013
The Star Lite Mamba is a niche disk for me. It is my go-to disc for a turn-over roller. Released flat, it will flip over on its side very quickly and roll for a mile. It is also my favorite disc for tomahawk shots. My home course has a few holes where you can end up with a massive 15 foot tall thicket right between you and the basket. I throw the Mamba high and straight, tomahawk style; it turns over on its back and glides ever so gently to the right. Perfect.

Advantages: Great roller and tomahawk disc.

Disadvantages: Not for strong-arms who want to throw straight.
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Andy about  Groove Champion:
Nov 14, 2013
It may be that I just have a noodle arm, but this thing does not fly for me. Mine weighs in at 170g, and is just a pig. It wants to bomb out almost as soon as you let it go. A couple of my friends have thrown it with similar results. Granted, we are not professional disc golfers. Nor are we built like apes. This thing may fly great for dudes who bench 300lbs...

Advantages: Looks cool.

Disadvantages: Doesn't fly.
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Andy about  Innova Deluxe Bag:
Nov 14, 2013
I love this bag. It has room for everything. The lid has a mesh zipper pocket that I like to put a disc in to make the bag easier to flip open. The strap is nicely padded and adjustable. The end pocket has zippers at right angles which are hard to open with just one hand while walking, but I can deal with that. I would like to have some little feet on the bottom to keep the bag off the ground, but that is also a minor complaint. The bag comes with adjustable velcro dividers so that you can arrange your discs and keep them secure. If you only have a few discs, you can put them all in the same section so they don't flop around everywhere, and put a towel or some other junk in the other sections. I have 19 discs in this bag, but four of those are putters, so you can get 20 drivers/mid-range discs in it easily. I manage to cram two more putters into the outside pocket. There is a velcro pocket perfect for a beanie hat when the weather gets cold, an insulated (sort-of) drink holder with a draw-string, and another pocket on the other end for towels and such. This is the best price/ value for a 20-disc bag that I have found. Other than this, you're pretty much buying a tournament bag in the $80+ range.

Advantages: Holds lots of discs. Plenty of pockets. Olive green is cool.

Disadvantages: No little feet. Right-angle zippers, for two-hand operation.
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Pearse about  FD C-Line:
Nov 16, 2013
Man, oh man, did discmania hit a grand slam with this one. I'm actually quite surprised this disc is as underrated as it is. 'Tis a wonderful strait line driver as well as a workhorse driver for those with slower arm speeds. Incredibly neutral stability. Another interesting shot I've been working on with this disc is the hyzer flip forearm; just give it some hyzer and behold the straightest forearm shot you've ever executed.

Advantages: Perfect for uber strait throws, tunnel shots, hyzer flip forearms, and players with slower armspeeds.

Disadvantages: Somewhat sensitive to release angles. One must really focus on the angle they want their shot to be on before tossing this bad boy.
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Pearse about  Quasar Quantum:
Nov 16, 2013
The better boss, indeed. This sucker will get me about 10 yards more than my boss, which can be extremely crucial on those country mile long holes, on the I line I choose to boot. I find this disc handles intense power very well and will always get me the most distance consistently on both backhand rips and forehands. Mostly for advanced players with very quick arms, unless an intermediate player needs a meat hook disc that'll fight winds. Oh yeah, and this disc combats winds extraordinarily well also.

Advantages: High quality, beautiful maximum distance driver for those with immense power with both backhand and forehand drives. Oodles of glide as well.

Disadvantages: Not for beginners or players with slow arm speeds, unless they need a driver to fight the wind.
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Nov 17, 2013
This disc singlehandedly has saved my arm. I had been using a destroyer which I loved, but as a side arm thrower, the heavier discs were killing my elbow (similar to what pitchers get). I bought the 150g TeeDevil almost the day it came out. It has the feel of a beginner friendly lighter disc but has the flight characteristics of a much heavier disc.

For someone who plays for accuracy, not distance, this disc was perfect. The blizzard plastic allowed me to not have to heave the disc so hard to get the distance while the TeeDevil had the tighter controlled path (-1,2) that I was looking for. This is my main driver whether Im sidearming or now trying to develop my backhand. Being blizzard plastic though, I dont recommend it in the wind. Itll rollover faster a dog wanting his belly rubbed.

Advantages: Great distance with little effort
Controlled flight pattern, not too much turn, not too much fade
Easy on the arm

Disadvantages: Doesnt throw well in wind
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Mark about  Disc Golf Cooler Backpack:
Nov 17, 2013
Ok cooler bag. Fits the beers I need or some discs or some of both. That was half the reason this looked good to me. I also wanted that top pocket for a putter approach disc to always be out. I was disappointed this pocket will not fit a disc.

[Editor's note: Product description does state the upper pocket is *not* a quiver-style disc pocket]

Advantages: Lined cooler bag.

Disadvantages: Outside pockets are 'all' too small to fit discs. Including the top pocket.
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Nov 17, 2013
OK, first review from me ever!! I bought a Vibram when they first came out and it was a great midrange disc. Not super fantastic like some guys say but steady and if you play you know why steady is the name of the game. Bought a Lace driver next and after 13 years of playing disc golf, started in S, CA La Mirada to be exact, I got my first ace with this disc!! WOW, straight and true! Retired the disc, our own rules :) and bought an unLace Xlink and really it is better than the Lace, it is softer and has a thinner top so it REALLY flies. So if you don't have any Vibrams in your bag, buy one NOW!! You'll love them!! I do.

Advantages: Straight flight and wonderful glides

Disadvantages: None!! Except your buddies will want to borrow them!!
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Rameyh231 about  Groove Champion:
Nov 19, 2013


Advantages: When thrown correctly, this disc will go the distance.

Disadvantages: Takes some time to get used to.
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Rameyh231 about  Destroyer Pro:
Nov 19, 2013


Advantages: Good disk for long range.

Disadvantages: None to mention. Would recommend the "starfire pro"
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Nov 19, 2013
Underworld is definitely the disc I will pull out if I need a consistent anhyzer line!!

If you throw it with little power it will go super straight and can also get a good hyzer flip brand new

Plastic feels grippy even when wet

Advantages: Holds a Consistent Anhyzer line


Great Plastic feel and durability so far

Disadvantages: none so far
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Chris Stadler about  Fade Gear Tournament Disc Golf Bag:
Nov 22, 2013
I got this a couple wees ago and really like it. Plenty of storage, easy to access everything, and very manageable for a large bag. Very sturdy and well constructed.

Advantages: Lots of storage. Very sturdy.

Disadvantages: None yet!
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Nov 26, 2013
The fade Gear Tournament Bag- Dude Camo is the first and only bag I bought when I first started playing 2 years ago, and this bag is still in perfect shape. I haven't had a single problem with ware or anything! Both side pockets are very nice and give you plenty of room for you keys, wallet, and still have room for towels and what ever else. The 2 drink holders are amazing as well and both of mine are still like new! If you are reading this thinking of buying this bag take it from me it is worth it for sure!!! Great Buy

Advantages: 2 pockets and drink holders
Spacious enough for 22+ discs
Doesn't ware easily

Disadvantages: NONE
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Anthony Perrelli about  Krait Champion:
Jan 15, 2014
Amazing control disc super strait with a tiny fade to the right. Slight anhyzer and this disc will hold it and just start its way back at the end of it's flight. Perfect for small S shots.

Advantages: Strait, Control Distance, Easy to master
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Patrik about  Procul Tasty - Soupy stamp:
Jan 20, 2014
So I recently got to meet the guys of UB disc golf and what a good experience it was. Berry helpful with describing their discs and their purpose in the disc community. I would recommend the procul to any player because it had a lot of different functions. I also have to mention that their clothing line is bar none. Berry original and connects artwork with the crave for discing..... Way to go guys! Can't wait to head down to Mississippi to chill with the guys.
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Andy about  Stiletto Gold Line:
Feb 11, 2014
This customer purchased the item at our site.
The Stiletto is as advertised. Definitely the most overstable disc I've thrown. The moment it loses velocity it dives hard. This thing is ferocious.

Advantages: Excellent at what it does. Dependable.

Disadvantages: Not an "every hole" disc. Probably not worth your time if you aren't an extremely hard thrower.
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Andy about  Atlas Champion:
Feb 11, 2014
The Atlas is extremely straight and predictable. It is great for long, tight shots, and will end with very subtle fade.

Advantages: Straight, straight, straight flyer.

Disadvantages: Buyer's remorse over all the other discs you no longer use...
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Steve Paulson about  Stingray DX:
Feb 22, 2014
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Love this disc. When I first started out, all I could throw was a putter, but I threw that well. Had a friend that tried to get me to throw this one. Said it was easy to throw, with good distance. He did not lie! Once I figured out how to throw well, this one is a stable in my bag. I throw sidearm, and a flat shot goes straight 200' with a fade to the right at the end, or with a slight incline, works smoothly right to left, essing back to flat at the end. I regularly loan this one out to friends that don't know much yet, and they always do well with it. Some of them do too well with it!

Advantages: Consistent flight, workable, easy to throw for beginners

Disadvantages: Can make new friends to disc golf into formidable opponents
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Russ about  Leopard Champion:
Feb 27, 2014
RH-BH. I just bought this disc in a indigo (dark blue/dark purple) at 150 grams. My new favorite disc. I use this as my driver now because when I throw it , it goes to the right and back to the left like how i want it to go. This disk never flips over ,gains too much altitude , nor does it slow down fast. I can throw this disc about 300ft as an intermediate player. My friend threw this disc as a sidearm, right hand player and he threw a line straight as an arrow. Disc is good for any kind of throwers. Might not be good for lefties. My first throw with it I played a hole I normally miss by 50 ft short of it. When I teed off it went 30ft past the basket and I was surprised I could throw that far. Great disk and stability for beginners and intermediate level.

Advantages: Glides good with any righties.
Looks cool
Throws farther than most fairway drivers.

Disadvantages: Hard to see in the grass sometimes. (Only purple color)
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