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Dec 3, 2013
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Love it. This thing is heavy duty, and a great value for the money. I wanted a basket that would last forever, and I think this one will.

Advantages: Built like a tank. Easy assembly with a couple of wrenches/ratchets. Oozes quality.

Disadvantages: Not portable. This basket is 55 pounds and a bit awkward to move. Put it in your yard and leave it there. Comes with 4 washers when it should probably have 8.
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mc about  RESPECTi Basic:
Dec 5, 2013
Beat up too fast. I did the only other review. I liked how grippy the plastic was, but it got warped really fast after hitting anything hard. Would probably be good if you have an open course, but if you don't then don't throw it on tight courses or it will warp really fast.

Advantages: Great price, flies well initially. Great grip. Good fade at the end.

Disadvantages: Fast wear and tear. Warps really fast.
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Troy H. (Austin, TX) about  Tangent Eclipse Glow Proton:
Dec 11, 2013
A great comfortable disc with the dependency and predictability you need in your bag. It fits my play style in all wind conditions and elements.
I have thrown this from elevated positions to a basket down a hill with laser precision using its easy glide and low-to-no fade at the end to "park" just where I needed it.
I use this as my mid to fairway range approach disc (longer than a putter ends and slightly shorter than a mid-range would start a good flight) where I need good controlled shots. It fits that "sweet spot" in distance and control.

Advantages: Easy grip. The depth of the lid and wing is not too much. Additionally, the rounded wing rests well in your hand.

Disadvantages: None that I can determine for the way I use it. (i.e. I cannot drive it as far as a Fairway disc and would not want to since I fail to control it as I wish)
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nate simpson about  Bandit Icon Edition 1st Run:
Dec 18, 2013
i just back way down on power , get a huge accuracy increase, and send the bandit gliding down tunnels and where ever else i want it to go . It's my go to " damn my you dan( dan is what i named the cadaver parts in my shoulder) start working" disc. i get a lot of questions comments and praise when i let it go. people cant believe how well it flies with out any effort.

I think its deceptive on speed. i feel that it is not very fast kinda an illusion. it has a ton of glide and decent speed so it seems to be going fast but stays in the air a good long time which lets it work it magic.

Advantages: tunnels

Disadvantages: if you have power it takes some skill to use.
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Jan 1, 2014
Great flying disc w/ a great stamp. Got one in red and the stamp on it was a great gold color. Disc is understable as advertised.
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Christopher Estrada about  Fade Gear Tournament Bag - Outer Worlds:
Jan 2, 2014
These Fade bags are great for a frisbee golfer looking to get in the game more. Mine holds 22 comfortably with two putters in the front. Two zip up pockets om either sides, as well as two large water bottle holders.

Advantages: Many pockets to store items while you throw, never leave a disc at home you need

Disadvantages: None so far
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Ryan about  Crank ESP:
Jan 2, 2014
Be aware, the first run is much different than the production run. The first run is more like a nice seasoned star destroyer and the production run is exactly what I think they are going for at the 1.3 rating. Not a bad thing but I personally like the first run.
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Gary Ruth about  Viking DX:
Jan 2, 2014
I am new to disc golf and use my viking for just about all my drives. Throw it flat and it goes straight as an arrow.

Advantages: Very predictable disc. Also a good roller.
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steve about  King Tournament Plastic:
Jan 13, 2014
An excellent roller. The ratings are WAY off here and with westside. Turn and fade are more like -4, 1 instead of -1,4. I've thrown 3 different kings in tourney plastic and all of them flipped instantly and rolled.

Advantages: I can throw further on an open hole rolling the king than I can throwing anything else.

Disadvantages: Hard to keep in the air.
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Brandon about  Procul Tasty - Soupy stamp:
Nov 13, 2013
So being fairly new to disc golf and having the whole plastic fever you kinda go on a rampage looking to get your hands on as many discs as you can thinking that its gonna improve your game. Trust me I have done this more then once! It can be discouraging. Well I had come across the Procul and instantly went for the buy button, then quickly calmed myself down and did some research for once! Looked up reviews online looked at YouTube went and checked the flight path, most of which confirmed the Procul is "great for players with big arms". That's not me.

But after taking with UB they were very helpful. The disc feels awesome very grippy, and the hand wrapped around the disc fits nicely I had seen on some reviews that the rim may had been something to get use to but i love it. I don't have large hands and can power grip it just fine. After throwing it for a couple hours i have to disagree with a couple things on everyone's reviews that say it takes a big arm to get a good flight. I am a 275-300 ft driver and with the procul i am easily hitting 350 every time! Being kinda new to the sport getting a disc to turn over is not easy for me but with this disc i can get a nice S turn without really manipulating my throw. When releasing the disc flat you can plan shots with ease cause the fade is very nice and dependable! Durability one of the best on market. So the overall on this disc , the disc is one of the best i have thrown and think with being a new player that i can really grow with it. And for the more experienced players you will love it from feel to durability to bring able to shape shots it will make a good home in anyone's bag.
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Stevie G about  M3 400 Series:
Jan 24, 2014
The m3 is an incredibly smooth and awesome mid-range. The combination of speed and glide made it an instant “go to” in my bag. It holds any line you ask it to, and it has a great feel to it. To me it’s defiantly a let the disc do the work for you from prodigy.

Advantages: driving mid-range turn shots straight power shots
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Albert M about  Resistor Neutron - MVP 3013:
Jan 25, 2014
This customer purchased the item at our site.
This disc is a wind fighter. It will laugh at any headwind it faces. You can trust it to go straight and fade consistently at the end of its flight. (If thrown straight) If you throw it with a hyzer it will hold its line and fade gradually more toward the end of its flight. I also found that I can grip this disc very comfortably

I lost my firebird, was looking for a replacement. They fly very similar but my firebird was still more overstable.

Very nice disc!!!

Advantages: GREAT headwind disc!!
Usually gets a decent skip if it lands on short grass or dirt
thrown with little power it will hook hard, give it a nice rip and it will go straight and fade consistently

Disadvantages: If you are a SUPER beginner this disc might be too much for you.

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Feb 3, 2014
so I got this during a sale(69.99) with a coupon code added and got it for 49.99 + shipping. Love the basket! So much fun indoors, and outdoors. The small axe puck and the other hand....The ratchet driver....not my favorite mini. Huge hyzer bombs. If you need to get around stuff, works good, I have gotten a few good forehand shots with them. The Fat Bwai Putter, I love for shorter distance putts, in the 15 ft range, not great for distance on either disc. Can bomb my mini avair and my mini dynamic discs dyemax discs a lot further. They are great for storage however. Your lights, or tags, or coins, or what have you.

Advantages: Honestly does help your putting game in the bigger version. Great for storing things.

Disadvantages: not great minis
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Steve Paulson about  Arch Angel DX:
Feb 4, 2014
This customer purchased the item at our site.
I LOVE this disc. I have been a frisbee player for 40 years, and when I took up disc golf, the only disc I could control was a putter. The first driver i could get any reliable distance from is this one. I sidearm this dead straight with a slight fade to the right at the end. (when thrown properly ;) ) I hooked up with 3 brothers and played a round yesterday, after the round, they all wanted to buy one of these.

Advantages: consistent, easy throw, good distance reliable flight pattern, shapable angling, decent inverted throw.

Disadvantages: only available in DX plastic.
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Feb 7, 2014
Great disc for almost any mid range shot or short holes off the tee. I like the champion plastic roc3 a lot, but still find myself using the kc pro roc more often.

Advantages: straight shot with a small tail at the end durable, and reliable flight path. also can hold anny line well.

Disadvantages: none.
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Rodney Smith about  P1 Maniac P-Line:
Feb 13, 2014
Love this putter. I have tried many other putters even the legendary Aviar and this one outshines them all for me. It is straight and predictable and great for approach shots if you need to throw a hyzer or anhyzer it holds the line.

Advantages: Great feel, really accurate, straight with slight fad at the end, love it.

Disadvantages: None
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Feb 16, 2014
I've owned my Fade for 3 days now. It seems to be well built. The rings for the straps are metal not plastic. Zippers are heavy duty. I carry 15 discs and a strategically placed 6'er easily. I also immediately replaced the strap with another that was modded for a 3 point rig for better balance.

Advantages: well built
lots of storage
metal rings
heayy duty zippers

Disadvantages: The included carrying strap is thin on the padding and has plastic connectors. While the front mini pocket is big enough for a standard mini, it won't fit a puck. Finally, It could use a couple rings to carry a stool.
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Andy about  Giant VIP Air:
Feb 20, 2014
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Great overstable distance driver. Generally gets huge skip distance after initial impact.

Advantages: Will not turn over. Excellent distance in light weight VIP Air plastic

Disadvantages: Probably a bit too overstable for less powerful throwers.
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Steve Paulson about  Shark DX:
Feb 22, 2014
This customer purchased the item at our site.
I thought it was just me, but while I was retrieving an errant throw deep in the brush, I came across one of these. No name or number on the disc, so I popped it into my bag, and next time I was out practicing in a soccer field, I gave it some throws. I'm tossing several models 225' into the opposing net, and this one is right, left, up, down, near, far, anywhere but by the goal. I think maybe it's just me, but I let me sons toss it, and they too have no control. I meet up with a friend to play this morning, and he had borrowed his son's discs. One was a shark. I said, does he like that disc? He replied, it's his secret weapon. Confused until he said, you loan it to a friend you want to make sure you can beat him. I loaned it to a friend who threw it better than I did, but not great, until he lost it. I then loaned him a stingray. Mistake! He was throwing great with that one.

Moderator's Note: This review is based on a used disc that was found by the reviewer. The Shark DX has proven to be one of the best selling mid-range discs of all time and is very good for beginners (in our experience). The DX plastic ages quickly and will become under-stable/flippy when well worn. Therefore, the used disc being reviewed may have been very well worn.

Advantages: Great disc to loan to a friend that you want to beat.

Disadvantages: No control. I've never seen a beginner throw it well, although it is rated beginner friendly.
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Steve Paulson about  NutSac Disc Golf Bag:
Feb 22, 2014
I inherited a bag indirectly. Turns out, I love it. It's really lightweight, and forces me to choose which discs to bring with me, with is good since my wife thinks I have a disc addiction. I carry a thick putter and another disc that's about as thick, along with 4 thinner discs. Gives me the versatility I need, without too many choices. I can easily throw with it still on if I like, and it has a nice long strap. I clip a towel to the strap and I'm ready to dominate. It is well made, out of sturdy material. Top flap is a bit large, not a problem, just roomy, the snap is pretty tight, but is rarely snap it. It doesn't hold onto dirt or snag easily.

Advantages: Light, can throw while wearing

Disadvantages: I can fit 6 discs in. It's a minimalist bag
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Troy H. (Austin, TX) about  Escape BioFuzion:
Feb 26, 2014
Great Biofuzion plastic and feel overall.

It allows for a clean snap and release. It has great fairway control as a driver with a long glide and lands on your mark with minimal effort.

This disc easily replaced 3 other discs, I depended on, in my bag for it's consistency.

Advantages: Long straight glide with minimal effort. This characteristic greatly helps you when you have a tight tunnel throw or you need a really open up with it on a long safe approach.

Disadvantages: None yet the way I throw it.
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Feb 27, 2014
This customer purchased the item at our site.
I've had this bag for a few months now, and my experience has been nothing but positive. It is my first tournament bag and well worth the price. The bag features tons of storage, and being able to carry a large number of discs has been great for my game. Only downside is the mini pocket can only carry a single mini and not a set.

Advantages: storage! 22+ discs. Also the cell phone pocket is super handy.

Disadvantages: Mini pocket isn't big enough for a set.
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clint walker about  World Tournament Plastic:
Mar 6, 2014
This customer purchased the item at our site.
very fast disc. not as os (over-stable) like the giant, but it will come back. love the disc

Advantages: very fast

Disadvantages: tourney plastic may break in faster than the vip. dont know yet
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Wesley Arneson about  TeeBird Champion:
Mar 11, 2014
Awesome disc! it's one of the discs that I will always rely on.

Advantages: Easy to throw. Perfect for beginners if you throw backhand.

Disadvantages: Not a very good flicking disc.
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Steve Paulson about  Sidewinder DX:
Mar 11, 2014
A friend lost one of my discs, and wanted to buy me a new one. I asked him for a sidewinder, because I heard they throw well sidearm. The rumors were true! I typically get 230-250 pretty dead straight, with a fade to the right at the end. I'm starting to depend on this disc. When thrown at lower speed, it still holds the line well until the end.

Advantages: Great glide, straight from a sidearm throw.

Disadvantages: Haven't had any
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