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“I think you guys have done an awesome job with the search functionality. I manage an image library for Hewlett Packard, so I've always got my eye out for great site design ideas, and this site has really impressed me.
Chris Sep 30, 2004
As a beginner to the sport, I want to thank you for all your assistance. My family and I have been disc golfing almost every weekend for the past two months. The information on your website has helped us to understand the game and made us more comfortable while starting out. Your products have been acurately described, your prices are fair, your website is easily navigated, and your shipping is very fast and accurate. Keep up the good work.
Don Sep 30, 2004
Hey thank you for the fast shipment on my discs. I got them today and ordered them sunday. They all look really nice also.
Justin Sep 30, 2004
You guys are truly awesome, I must say... Thanks for the ultra quick response. I wish everyone I dealt with worked like you guys.
Craig Mar 31, 2004
Hey Thanks. I just got your email now. The basket was waiting for me on my doorstep when I got home tonight. That was fast!
Steve Jan 31, 2004
Not many sites even have a newsletter so I am thankful discnation.com is the only site I deal with. Thanks again keep rockin peace.
Bocka Jan 31, 2004
Thank you for your quick attention in this matter. It shows a lot of dedication to your customers.
Michael Jan 31, 2004
I recently order two discs, and a bag from your web site. I just wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with this whole process. I found your web site very easy to navigate, well laid out, and the ordering/delivery process was painless too! I especially liked the link to FedEx tracking--WOW now that is service. Thank you very much for making this buying experence a good one.
Eric Oct 31, 2003
Your site is very impressive and comprehensive.
Lianne Sep 30, 2003
Thank you so much for all the help and great customer service. Today we received our frisbees via priority mail. I will definitely log onto your website the next time we are looking for anything like this and will be sure to recommend you to others. Once again, thanks for the type of customer service that is extremely rare nowadays! Keep up the good work.
Kim Sep 30, 2003

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