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Thank you Disc Nation! I received my discs today! You guys kick ass!
Kaylor Sep 30, 2011
Discs arrived today. That was fast! Beautiful weekend here. I was able to go out and play a round. The yellow one works great. The others work as expected. The lightning glow really shines. Thanks for your excellent service!
Doug Sep 30, 2011
I recently moved to Austin, and took up Disc Golf as a way to exercise and blow off some steam. Being new to the sport, I have had a ton of questions regarding discs, rules, places to play, and throwing tips. Every time I go into the Disc Nation store, I am greeted in a friendly and helpful manner. Everyone who works there has been a tremendous help. I am grateful that the sport of Disc Golf has such great folks behind the scenes keeping a positive vibe flowing. If you are ever in the Austin area, you should make a B line to Disc Nation, you will not be let down. Fore!
Rock Aug 31, 2011
I enjoyed using your site. For a first time purchaser from it, I found it easy to navigate and find what I wanted. Most importantly I wanted to thank you for listing color options for all the discs. I have ordered before, from other places, and not had such a luxury. As a player, who is colorblind, this is very important to me because finding darker colored discs in the woods is no easy task. I look forward to using you guys (and/or gals) again. Thanks again!
James Jul 31, 2011
Thanks Disc Nation for all the info, customization options, and speedy delivery. I am one happy customer.
JP Jul 31, 2011
Thank you very much. I was prepared to pay two separate shipping charges because I decided to get the putters later after I had already ordered the TL. Extending me the gift certificate has earned you a life-long customer. Anytime I want a disc in the future, I will either go to your store in person or order them online. I will never buy a disc from anyone else now. Thank you for your fairness (something businesses do not always do on their own).
Sampson Jun 30, 2011
I just want to let you know that I received my discs, and they're great.
I'm very impressed with your services, and will be ordering again.
Daniel Jun 30, 2011
Best online disc store there is. Got my discs in Sacramento in 3 days. Coolest selection, great job.
Jeff May 31, 2011
Thank you for the prompt shipping I have been very impressed with the speed in wich you guys react to and process orders. I will be sure to tell my friends about you.
Zach May 31, 2011
Thank you so much! You guys have always been great, and I plan to continue buying from you. Great shipping time, accurate disc descriptions, great variety, and good customer service on top of all that. Way to run a business the right way.
Christopher Apr 30, 2011

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